A downloadable game for Windows

LEEN is a sidescrolling action platformer with high emphasis on gameplay with engaging boss-battles and lots of items/weapons to deal with enemy encounters.

LEEN came about as a tribute to Castlevania originally and borrows many elements from the timeless classic such as using a weapon that does not immediately fire but requires timing to dispose of enemies. We (the developers) also take inspiration from many modern games as well as old games and have tried to implement gameplay systems that not only reflect the retro scene but rather modern gaming as well (We're not putting Day 1 DLC or a QTE final boss though so don't worry about that!).

There is a Public demo available for download free of charge. We appreciate any and all feedback on this demo and hope you enjoy it!

Install instructions

You will need a program to deal with .Zip files such as Winrar or iZarc to unzip the files.

Other than that all the info required to play is within the README as well as the game itself!

Thanks for playing :)!


LEEN Public Demo.zip 13 MB