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The "DEMO" version is a version that contains less features than the full product, please keep this in mind should you choose to try out the demo and know that the full game will contain more features, the Demo does contain the basic core gameplay however and the things the full version adds are more of the same in different variations.

Features prevalent in the "BEYOND" (AKA Full) version :
* Cleaner and more detailed UI
* More obstacles and powerups

NFWG Microgame series #2 : Running
Running is an endless runner where you are
constantly moving trying to jump over pillars
that are coming right at you. Try to get a high score!
(The highest dev score is 110! Aim for the stars!)

The NFWG MicroGame series is a growing collection of
small simple arcade-like games that start out as
very small simple games but are planned to become
bigger and grow in scope depending on how they are
received by the public. The MicroGame series was
started primarily as a fun project to further
our game development skills as well as publishing
games in general. The Microgames series as well is set to be very cheap,
cheaply produced games for a very cheap price and we aim to stay cheap in price forever,

it's the perfect type of game to play in the background of doing something else
(Like listening to a podcast or YouTube video) or perhaps you'd just like to get
the highest possible score?

Freedom isn't free, it's a minimum $0.75 purchase! ~ Hulk Hogan, probably. (Also Itch.io for not letting me price it at $0.25)



Buy Now$0.75 USD or more

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